Our unique boarding experience allows dogs to socialize in a pack. All K9 guests are placed in play groups based on their size, temperament, personality and age. Because dogs are allowed to play as a group, our staff will build a relationship with each dog to ensure they are put into the most compatible playgroup. 

Click HERE to read our boarding requirements.

Boarding 1 Dog-  $56/night

  • Dogs play in the park during the day and sleep in "bunkhouse"/boarding pens at night

Boarding 1 Dog 10+ Nights- $52/night

  • Dogs being boarded overnight for 10 or more nights

Boarding 2 or More Dogs- $49/dog

  • Discounted boarding is offered for 2 or more dogs from the same household

Deluxe Boarding- $74/night

  • Dogs play in the park during the day and sleep in our home at night. Sleeping in crates inside the house at night will be disgressionary based on safety.

Elderly Dogs who have special Needs- additional $25/night on top of boarding fees

  • Elderly dogs who are incontinent, cannot easily walk or have special needs

Air-Alone Boarding 1 Dog- $72/night

  • For dogs who cannot be with the pack due to safety reasons. We can only schedule this option on a case-by-case basis. There is very limited space for air-alone boardings. This service MUST be schedule over the phone or through text with approval from a manager (there is not online access in the customer portal for this option). This option will NOT be available over holiday weekends (including Friday-Sunday) and during the summer on dates listed HERE as we do not have the extra space to accommodate air-alone boarding. 

*Please note for Overnight Boarding:

  • Pick up time later than drop off time charges are as follows:

    • 2-3 Hours ~ $10 for 1 dog (+$5/additional dog)

    • 4-6 Hours ~ $20 1 dog (+$15/additional dog)

    • From 7 Hours until closing~ $30 for 1 dog (+$20/additional dog)

      • For example, if you drop off your dog on Monday at 8 AM and pick-up on Wednesday at 2 PM, there will be a $20 pick up later fee added to your boarding total. Your pick up time must be confirmed with a staff member. These hours are applicable within our normal business hours.

  • There is a $10 fee per dog/day on specific holiday and summer dates. For specific holiday and summer dates​, click here.

  • Reservations of 14 days or more may require a 50% deposit at the time of check-in. For reservations for more than 2 weeks, the card on file will be automatically charged every 14 days . We are NOT able to carry balances of more than 14 days of boarding.

  • No-shows or cancellations made within 72 hours of a reservation start date will incur a $25 cancellation fee automatically charged to the card on file.

What to bring for Boarding:

  • Your dog's food (in its original dog food bag, a small enclosed container, or in a resealable bag). Due to space constraints, we are unable to accept large dog food bins. Food will be kept in a 20"x15"x7" busser bin. Make sure to bring extra food if your dog is staying for overnight boarding. Due to increased activity, we may ask to feed high-energy dogs more than their usual amount of food to keep their weight up.

    • If your dog runs out of his/her food, we have in-house dog food in stock. This can be purchased from Dogwood for $3/meal.  *Please note: We do not recommend suddenly switching your dog's food unless your dog must be fed our in-house food and there is no other option. Sudden changes in diet can cause loose stool and upset stomach.

  • Your dog's Medication

    • Oral Medication: $3/dose (Please bring pill pockets or a treat incentive for taking medication)

    • Eye Drops: $4/dose

    • Insulin Injection: $6/dose

    • Skin Folds Wiped: $3/dose 

    • Ear Cleaning with Medication: $4/cleaning


Dogwood Ranch will provide: 

  • Blankets

  • Beds

  • Bowls for food

  • Food Scoops (to measure food)

  • Water Bowls

*Please Note: There is a chance that your dog may be dirty at the end of their stay, as they are allowed to play with other dogs throughout the day and are often rolling around during play.

Special Services


1 on 1 time ~ $10/session

  • Individualized cuddle time with your dog and a staff member


We offer a 10% discount for:

  • Families Boarding 2 or more dogs

  • Military/First Responders

*Maximum of 10% discount/family (this includes multiple-dog discounts).