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Check In Process

Our unique boarding and daycare experience allows dogs to socialize in a pack. Because dogs are allowed to play as a group, our staff will build a relationship with each dog to ensure they are put into the most compatible playgroup. Click HERE to watch our tour video.

  1. Online Enrollment: New customers will need to create a profile through our online boarding software. To create a profile, click HERE

  2. Vaccines: After making your online profile, email a picture of your dog's vaccination records to:

    1. We will need current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (EVERY 6 MONTHS). For the Bordetella vaccine, our vet highly recommends getting the intranasal or the subqutaneous version. He does not recommend the intraoral. Since the Bordetella virus/bacteria gains entrance to the respiratory system by way of the nasal passages, the intranasal is preferred.

    2. For temperament tests, we accept the bordetella vaccine up to 10 months from the date that it was administered (instead of the regular 6-month Bordetella booster requirement for regular daycare and boarding).

  3. Temperament Test: We will need to schedule a 4 hour temperament test for all new dogs. Please text the business line to schedule this once your profile is complete. Temperament tests are scheduled and billed as a daycare half-day (4 hours) or daycare full-day (more than 4 hours).  Click HERE to view our daycare pricing.

    1. A temperament test is a useful tool to evalute a dog's temperament within a pack as well as with staff.  Dogs are checked to make sure they can be easily handled (including, but not limited to) by staff using a collar and leash to gently guide the dog through gates, to the barn for feeding time, into the pack, out of the pack, etc. Staff also have to make sure that the dog gets along well with other dogs in their pack, it is imperative to us and our clients that we are creating the safest packs possible. We evaluate the dog establishing pack order, going through gates along side dogs, saying yes or no appropriately to other dogs asking them to play, them appropriately asking others to play, etc. We are working to ensure all dogs are comfortable with all aspects of being at our ranch. ​

  4. Reservations: As soon as your dog is evaluated and has passed the temperament test, we will approve your profile and you will be able to make future reservations on your new online portal. We recommend making reservations far in advance. We fill up early on some weekends, on all holiday dates, and in the summer months.

  5. What to Pack: You ONLY need to bring your dog's food and vitamins/medications (if vitamins/medications are needed). Due to space constraints, we are unable to accept large dog food bins. Food will be kept in a 20"x15"x7" busser bin.

    • Dogwood Ranch will provide

      • Beds

      • Blankets

      • Food Bowls

      • Food Scoops

      • Auto Water Bowls

      • Crates (If needed)


  • Food: Please bring extra food if your dog is staying for overnight boarding. Due to increased activity, sometimes we will need to feed high-energy dogs more than their usual amount of food to maintain their weight.  If your dog runs out of food, we have in-house food in stock.​

  • Belongings: We do not recommend bringing your dog's blankets and belongings. Because of the nature of an open boarding facility, there is a chance that these items may be returned damaged or may be lost. ​

  • Leashes: When you arrive at Dogwood Ranch, dogs must be leashed when exiting your vehicle.  Please ring the bell on the post at the black gate and proceed to enter. A staff member will meet you in the lobby building to check you in.

*Expect your dog(s) to be tired at the end of their stay. They play together throughout the day, every day. Most dogs sleep for 2-3 days after leaving.

**We are unable to accept new Pitbull clients due to our new insurance policy. 

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