"Bath"- Includes ear cleaning, brush, and blow dry. 

"Bath, Full Groom, & Hair Cut"- Includes bath, ear cleaning, nail clip, gland expression, and haircut.

  • For dogs with medium length hair/fur​- Add $20 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • For a dogs with long/straight hair/fur​- Add $40 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • For a dogs with long/wavy/curly hair/fur​- Add $60 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • *Add $10-$60 extra for Matted Dogs

  • **Add $10-$60 extra for dogs who require excess brushing to take care of unkept undercoat

A La Cart 

Brush Outs

  • General Brush Out- $8

  • Small Dog Full Brush Out- $10

  • Large Dog Full Brush Out- $20

Teeth Cleaning

  • Teeth Brushing- $30: Teeth brushing to get light surface plaque off of teeth using electric toothbrush. Does not include scraping. This will not get hard calculus off of teeth. This is only for light surface plaque.

  • Teeth Cleaning- $50: Tarter and calculus scraping/cleaning for back top molars, top and bottom canines, top and bottom premolars. Since we do not use anesthesia, we will NOT be able to get the plaque off of the inside of the teeth (the side of the teeth that the tongue rests against) or the bottom back molars that are covered by the top molars when the dog's mouth is closed. Since the dogs are NOT under anesthesia during the cleaning and we have to gently scrape the teeth as much as they will allow, multiple teeth cleanings may be required. Teeth cleanings will be billed for the full amount ($50) for each session. Please keep in mind, this costs hundreds of dollars to do this at the vet with anesthesia. We will do the best we can up to what the dog will allow.

Nail Trim-

  • Nail Trim (Dog)- $20

  • Nail Trim w/ Dremel Finish (Dog)- $25

  • Nail Trim (Cat)- $15


  • Paw Pad Trim: Hair trim around paw pads- $15

  • Facial Trim: Includes ears, eyes and around the muzzle- $10

Ear Cleaning- $8

Anal Gland Expression$12