"Bath"- Includes ear cleaning, brush, and blow dry. 

"Bath, Full Groom, & Hair Cut"- Includes bath, ear cleaning, nail clip, gland expression, and haircut.

  • For dogs with medium length hair/fur​- Add $20 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • For a dogs with long/straight hair/fur​- Add $40 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • For a dogs with long/wavy/curly hair/fur​- Add $60 onto the "Bath" price above.

  • *Add $10-$60 extra for Matted Dogs

  • **Add $10-$60 extra for dogs who require excess brushing to take care of unkept undercoat

A La Cart 

Brush Outs

  • General Brush Out- $8

  • Small Dog Full Brush Out- $10

  • Large Dog Full Brush Out- $20

Teeth Cleaning

  • Teeth Brushing- $30 (Teeth brushing to get light surface plaque off. Does not include scraping.)

  • Teeth Cleaning- $50 (Tarter and calculus scraping and cleaning)

Nail Trim-

  • Nail Trim- $20

  • Nail Trim w/ Dremel Finish- $25


  • Paw Pad Trim: Hair trim around paw pads- $15

  • Facial Trim: Includes ears, eyes and around the muzzle- $10

Ear Cleaning- $8

Anal Gland Expression$12