"Dogwood ranch is a safe and convenient place to board our dog. I love the way they know each dog by name. The dogs run, play and socialize with other dogs. The play area is large, grassy and safe. They care for your dog as if it were their own. I love that it is a full-service facility. I can board my dog and have her bathed and have her nails clipped. We highly recommend Jessica and her staff. They are friendly people who love animals. Dogwood Ranch will make you and your dog very happy. Dogwood Ranch has undergone unbelievable renovations with the new owners too!"
-Nathan Brown

"My feedback is I hope you will always be there. Bear is an ESA and mobility in training. What you offer is special. His socialization with dogs there has trained him to relax around fellow canines. I thank you and your staff. Your ranch is a blessing."

-Thank you, Steve Hatch

"My dog, Mikey, has been to Dogwood several times. He is so happy there running and playing with the other dogs in such a large yard. The staff I met are very sweet, kind and loving to him. I have paid extra for training on and off the facility and he comes back home a better behaved dog then before he left. Going there has really helped him to be very good with he meets other dogs. When I check in with them about how he is, they answer me in a timely manner. Mikey is excited when Jess picks him up and gets right in her car to Dogwood, he can’t wait to get there! It so great to have a place to leave your dog, when you go on vacation and know he is having a vacation too!"
-M Morgadinho, Carmel Valley

"They take great care of the dogs and give them back totally exhausted and happy."

-Christine Marks

"Our 7-month-old Vizsla pup Hazel just spent 10 days at the Dogwood Ranch while we were traveling. It went great. Hazel is an extremely high energy pup who has never been boarded before so we were a bit concerned. We had boarded our last dog at several other places, but we had some negative experiences, so we wanted to check out Dogwood.  A week before our departure, I took Hazel over to the Ranch to see the facilities and talk to the people there. All seemed good -- the dogs looked like they were being cared for well and the staff was friendly and professional, so I booked her "resort" stay. Bottom line, in spite of our concerns about Hazel, and past-boarding experiences at other places, everything worked perfectly. Registration and check-in were easy, the staff was very professional, and Hazel came home healthy and well-adjusted. She's crate trained, so she got to spend the nights indoors with the owner's family, and given her need for people's companionship, this likely made her stay easier. Jess, the co-owner and trainer, also did a great job with Hazel, quickly correcting a few of her bad puppy habits (including jumping up on friends and strangers when excited; lunging through open doors) in just one training session. Jess also trained our family members with a few tips to quickly correct any of Hazel's errant puppy behavior. They worked great! All in all, Dogwood Ranch provides great service and great value for the money. Definitely worth it to have your dog well-treated and well-cared-for while you are away. I recommend them highly -- 5 stars."

-Art Swift