Before Logging into your Online Profile:

  1. Click HERE to read our Check In Process details.

  2. Hover your mouse over the "Services/Pricing" tab for applicable pricing

  3. Click HERE for Owner Information

Click the button below to log into your PetExec account to make a reservation:

There is a $10 fee per dog/day on specific holiday dates. For specific holiday dates, click HERE.

Dogwood Ranch Will Not Accept the Following:

***If you make a reservation and it is in conflict with any of the line items below, your reservation will be NULL and VOID. Any exceptions MUST be made in writing through email or text.**

  1. Unneutered males over 7 months

  2. Aggressive dogs towards other dogs: If your dog has a bite history with other dogs, you are required to let us know. 

  3. Aggressive dogs towards staff members: If your dog has a bite history with one or more people, you are required to let us know. 

  4. Female dogs that are in heat

  5. Puppies under 16 weeks old: Puppies MUST have their 16 week shots for boarding/daycare

  6. Guests that have a terminal illness and are in the late stages of the illness

  7. Guests that have had a communicable illness of any kind during the last 30 days prior to check-in

  8. Guests that require medical treatment beyond dispensing oral or topical medication (i.e. shots, drains, bandage changes, sutures, etc.) unless treatment is prearranged

  9. Guests that have been in a shelter at any time during the 30 days prior to check-in